Can anyone recommend a great ad agency that creates innovative and effective television commercials to draw customers to our sub-prime auto loan website?

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Replies to This Discussion  look at the videos at this link.  We have campaigns for nustart, 2nd Chance and Fresh Start

Hi Jayme,

We may be able to help you out..... give me a call.... Sue James, PMT advertising/ Dealer HD websites... my cell # is 815-412-5949.  Send me your email, and I will send you some samples.



I don't know of an ad agency but I just had a local TV Station put together a commcercial for me.  It was just pictures of products, music with information about my company throughout and at the end.  I think it cost me a little over $300 for the production.  I don't know if that will work for you but thought I would pass it on.  :)

What is your ad budget for TV ?

I am only asking because you have a large and dominant new car market that is easily eating away any good time spots.

(You should know , you have worked for them in the past)

You would have to buy your way in.

Ben Swartz at Mudd Avertising Agency.800.367.6833 tell Him Jeff in Willard sent ya.

Benchmark Advertising & Design  717-609-9938  Very reasonable and a great knowledge of the auto business! They do everything!

Since it is on you tube can any one use it? How can I get a hold of agency ?

No, it was made specifically for Johnson Automotive.  I've used it in sales meeting, but propriotary rights prohibit you copying the ad and putting your dealership tag on the end of it.


Sorry Frank

Call "Big Ken" at Dakota Video 866-325-6823.   

Dakota Video customizes pre-made commercials for your dealership at about 1/5 the cost of having a custom commercial made for your dealership.  They have 100's of different ones to choose from and they give each commercial a territory excluciveness.  So you can rest assured that if you buy commercial "x" that it wont be run by your competition in the future.

Give them a call and openly discuss your needs, they will make some suggestions to you.

Also, I highly recommend that you have commercial on your web site.  This will inform the customer that gets to your web site what your dealership can do (if we're talking Sub-prime, its the ability to get people with sub standard credit approved for a auto loan and delivered into a quality pre-owned vehicle).


Thank you for the info. on Dakota Video!!  I'm in Rapid City, SD and will pass their information on to my clients.

Tammy :)

Benchmark Advertising and Design has several dealers they do this for and drive them into a third party site to get more leads for you. The  site is  that they use. You can call me at 717-609-9938 for more information!


Thank you everyone for your responses.  I ended up going with Dakota Video.  They have been great and very reasonable prices.


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