Looking to do buisness with sma alliance any feedback about their program would be appreciated.

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What is SMA?

Okay so here's the scoop on SMA. Big promises on results. Not widely used probably due to cost. They post inventory on Craigslist, ebay etc to generate leads. Just remember nothings ever good or great until it's compared with something else.

I would recommend looking at CarGigi too. Here's a link to thread from 2010 on DealerRefresh on this very topic. Good luck



This is just a question, but isn't there some kind of software that will do all this for your internet department that is simple enough for them to use. I guess I am thinking about something like hootsuite or ping.fm?

Thanks for the info

I'd give Jennifer Schrader at IgniteXDS a call to get her input...just read this article that she wrote: might help clear some things up.

It says on their website that they manually post your inventory to Craigslist. Please note that posting inventory on Craigslist for somebody else is against their terms and conditions. The only way that would be legal is for them to act like a staffing company and for you to hire one of their employees on an hourly basis. There are a few other companies that do that and it is usually pretty expensive. It is much cheaper to get a good Craigslist solution and have somebody on staff do it for you.
What is the cost? if you are doing manual posting to CL then how is this different then other providers like CarsForSales, AutoJini, eBiz, DealerFire, HomeNet, DealerCarSearch etc...

Check out Autofusion's craigslist marketing service. Everything is automated so the dealer doesn't have to do anything. Just login to the backend tool and view the posting report. 30 day risk free trial as well as the lowest pricing out there. If your quoted to pay more than what Autofusion charges, it's WAY too much.


Check out the product here: http://www.autofusion.com/m/cl/afcl.pdf


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