What seminars/trainers do you recommend for Sales Management/Manager training? How about F&I?

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That all depends, are you looking for manager training, desking, TO?  Your CRM should walk any sales manager through holding people accountable and training, which is 75% of a sales managers job.  If you want a school for that I reccomend Dave Anderson 100%.

 For F&I managers, usually your provider has a pretty good school for free, NAE has a great F&I training program, as does Allstate.I would look for schools that are on the cutting edge of the technology world, I like F&I providers that use the top end of technology to sell F&I products and make the customer experience better. I also like providers such as myself that go in and train by showing first for a few days, then observing for a few days in store, that really helps drive the process home. Send me a maessage if I can be of any assistance.

Royal Automotive Group,Royal Speedway group uses Gary Dirstines ACTS Solutions for salesmanagement and finance training and have been very please with the training.  They also offer to come in and work with the sale staff!!! Keeps the entire team on the same page.

I would recommend without hesitation Steve Richards @ RedZone Automotive Sales Strategies, 404-456-7219.  I've hired numerous training companies over the years and they are by far the best.  If you want real world (not outdated), practical, easy to implement solutions that anyone can apply...Steve is the man!  My 2 cents...

The United States Marine Corps would be a great start, and I'm not a Marine. It's about consistent discipline.  Having met over 500 plus sales managers in my career as a professional trainer, I would say eighty percent or more of them know exactly what needs to be done to educate themselves and their staffs.  Taking the initiative and accountability for their own growth and the growth of their team is key.  Nothing changes if you don't change. In order to change you have to want to.  There are some great books, workshops, podcasts and resources out there.  There are also some dynamic well known industry trainers; Anderson, Cardone, JM&A, Lewis, Verde, Ziegler etcetera.  Familiar with all of them they all have pro's and con's.  I would suggest involving your management staff in the decision. Remember that all meaningful and lasting change starts first on the inside and works its way out.  They are the people who will have to implement whatever process or training service you select and their buy in is critical to your R.O.I.

If you have a successful organization you should train your managers. Having someone install a "sales or F&I system" may not work because you will need real by in from everyone or it will last 6 months or less. If you are really ready for a change then I would contact the NADA for a list of reputable trainers, choose a trainer that best fits your dealership demographic and be sure to check their references. 



A completely biased opinion on my part...you could do a lot worse that to give Dugan Anderson a shout at dugan.anderson@gmail.com. Extensive background, sensible, down to earth Training.


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