I'm looking for a new phone system, looking for any feedback on any system.

Anyone willing to share how they feel about Voip? Do you use softphones?

Does anyone use a virtual call system?

Haven't replaced a phone system in more than 10 years so any information will be helpful.


Thank you for any and all input


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Voip is great , as long as you have a sturdy internet connection and it does not go down often.
considering it but don't know that my providers are reliable enough for it

contact Dan Pierson at 480-235-1998 tell him Carol Harris told you to call him and he will set you up


Carol who is Dan?

Hi Harlene! 

1.     As an alternative to going and purchasing one, I would suggest doing your reseach on what system would accomplish what you need (remember scalability), then i would visit Ebay to see if you can get that system or one very close to it for pennies on the dollar!  May sound crazy, but with all of the businesses going out of business - there are many barely used systems there.


2.  VOIP - The greatest!!!  However, you may want to keep one land line for fax.  My VOIP fax line has difficulties. Also, make sure you have redundancy in place.  In case of power outage, make sure you have power to all componants involved with VOIP, including router, etc... make sure you can forward you main line to a cell phone in case of emergency, etc...There are a few third party vendors that offer VOIP, but with todays phone systems available, layout the fixed cost now, and be done with it.  It should pay for itself completely within a year, or two.


3.  I have used softphones... They are ok.  For a sales team maybe something to look into.


Hope this info was useful - Take care!


Fred Bonebrake


I was actually on ebay looking today :-). Thanks for the input.

I am using a VOIP system works great,. I have used it for over 4 years. Ernie Spears 530-514-7270. He will quote you a price for a system and show you how they work at no charge. 




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