Can you please reply with what your Mini deal is on a new car. Please indicate what new car ticket and city. We are a suburban Chicago Lincoln dealership and have a mini deal of $125.00 which requires the salespeople taking a second appointment for a Sync my ride session.

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I have been in the Chicago market since 1981.

Minis on new cars seem to fall in the same place your store is between $100 and $ 150.

Many dealers have great bonus plans on units, so the sale helps them make more money plus many dealers also pay salespeople on their CSI.

Hope this helps.

That's about the average for most dealerships.  Even though that's the norm for most dealers I think it should be much higher.  Take a minute and think about it from a salesperson's perspective.   The time and effort a good salesperson invests with a customer to sell a new car should be worth more than $125.  Maybe back in 1980's $125 was fair but not in 2012.  I'm sure many of you will disagree but that's my thought.

I do not disagree at all. I would like to increase ours but I need to be able to make the case to my owner if we are under the current market average. This is why I posted this request, I hoped to get a better idea of what other dealers pay.

Who would disagree.

I will side with Jayme.  Even as an owner I would have a hard time paying someone $100 to do a deal start to finish.  I am a used dealer in NW Indiana and we pay $200 for a mini deal.  If a family of 4 were to go to dinner in Chicago, how much would it cost?  I am guessing you could spend $100 no problem.  Now think of it in the context that you just sold a car.  Is it worth more than the price of a dinner for 4?  

Amen brother

OK, I have been working in the car business now for 25 years.  It started out at $75 now it is $150.  Since we are also a Lincoln stand alone franchise.  So SYNC, TDI, Voice Activeted Navigation and MyLincoln Touch, we do training at dealery with our customers and then we have follow up classes for the customers to come back for.  If a salesperson wants help with the technology for $50 (from the gross) I or one of the other tech savey salespeople do the pairing and training at delivery.   I have been teaching SYNC Clinics for 2 1/2 years now.


But with the average delivery taking 2 1/2 to 3 hours our pay program is under review.

I work in augusta georgia at a ford lincoln dealer. Our mini is 125.00 and the average sync delivery is two solid hours and we must schedule another follow up to redo sync. But what this article dont mention is all the redos for people who come in with new phones operator error and just plain lack of know how. Ofcourse we must spend as much uncompensated time it takes to get a customer to understand. Surveys are another issue


I agree that no one should be paid $ 150 for 4 hours work, that would be like making $38 dollars an hour.

Who could live on that ?

I know your reply is is sincere. 1 deal in a 60 hour week equates to 2.50 an hour if that is your only deal. I know Im not paid by the hour.


My point is the salesperson should use the time with the customer to get referrals and to build a relationship beyond the car sale. That is a great way to get more referred customers that they may able to make a better commission on.

I do agree that the salesperson is not the reason most times that there is even a mini deal in the first place.

Maybe its time to look at the sales process in the store. management is usually an issue when it comes to profit.

I always paid my sales staff on back end ( finance  products)  as well. That way if the desk takes a mini deal and finance captured some profit. The salesperson would get additional money.

Mini deals are taken , not earned.

     I have alot of respect for your reply, and feel that your truely looking at both sides of this topic.  My comment is only referance to a store that pays a minimal commission to a Sales Professional whom spends much of there time training(mandatory) lot parties, taking care of customer's numerous wants and needs many times not associated even with the salesman who made the flat. 

     There should come a time where dealerships that still pay under a 250 flat relook at what there really doing to retain Sales Professionals.  Customers whom walk into a dealership like to see familiar faces and enjoy to be treated with smiles and courtesy.  Mini deals are taken so a Salesman should suffer for it.  Sales do need to be more proactive and network I agree.  They are the backbone of any dealership.  Ben I hope the best of luck to all of you and Sell Sell Sell


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