I have a lot in South Texas.  I have been in business for three years.  Currently use Credit Acceptance and my own money to finance vehicles.  Would like to branch out and do indirect finance with other lenders.  Who should I talk to?

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I would check with your local CUDL rep (www.cudl.com)  which is a great network of Credit Unions in your area. We also just signed up with Chase Custom which has been a great compliment with our CAC financing.

Karl Jensvold

Winners Circle Auto Center

Lincoln, NE

Thank you for your help.  I will contact them.
CUAC is the CU group in Houston. Also.Finance Express

Thank you for your input.  I will be contacting them.

Mr. Herring,

You should call Derek Dion at CPS 512-417-8762.  He'll get you set up.


Thanks, spoke to Chris Amaya today.  He will be coming by to see me next week..




I'd love to offer you some finanincing.  We specialize in deep subprime buyers and fund within 48 hours of your closing.


Please give me a call:


Toby Reiley




Thank you so much for visiting with me today.  I look forward to the demo presentation.


Hi, my name is Ian Anderson, President of Westlake Financial Services.  Please contact me at 323.527.8285 or please send me your contact information so I can call you directly.


We are a full spectrum lender that has a payment sharing program similar to Crecdit Acceptance as well as we buy porftolios.


For INdirect , we buy Super Prime, Prime, Near Prime, Non Prime and no limit on subprime.  I look forward to helping you grow your business.



Good Job Karl. Go for the 130 percent of Retail book, He will never look back
I have a source for you that would be perfect for your area. Email me at: car.guy@hotmail.com


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