We currently use frazer. However recently collections are being taken at a different location. We still get some payments in cash at the lot but most are being done at a different location. Problem is going back and forth on different computers with frazer. Dont want to keep doing things twice. Such as sell a car i have to load it on both computers. Does anyone have similar software as frazer but web based instead of desktop based so one can log in and make changes..



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Wayne Reaves has a good program on the web.  It cost more but is worth it.

Give Frazer a call, I would guess they might have a solution for multiple locations dealers...



Please call me or check out our website


We allow for remote connections between locations so you can do sales, inventory, payments, accounting all between your lots.

Also helps out when you have a previous customer from your other lot "a", and you now know in lot "b" what the story is right away based off of SSN or Phone number.


941-928-4493 is my cell phone, call with any questions you may have.


Last I used Frazier it was web based. Doesn't it all sync together?  If you call those guys, they probably have a solution.  Nice bunch of car people.

Frazer support has been great to me. I bet if you give them a call they have a solution.

ProMax , best there has ever been

You need a Web Based CRM, similar to Desk Manager or Grape Vine (web based version).  Desk Manager is simple and easy to use and set up, not to mention extremly cost effective.  Not sure the cost on Grape Vine.

We have multiple locations and use only one Frazer.  We use outside service called gotomypc.com

The satellite locations log in and have full use of the frazer.  It does take extra computers at the main location. Cost is around $10/month per computer.  The service helps with adding printers at the remote location so you can print also.  

Frazer does not have a solution for this yet.  They say most dealers separate each location but I didn't want to do that.  Each location has immediate access to all the cars we have at each location and also great for collections.  I tried a VPN network first, it was horrible, way to slow.  This way was much easier at least until Frazer adds a program for it.


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