looking to change web providers any recomendation will be greatly appreciated

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I think you will find you get much better advice if  you provide some details as to what you are trying to accomplish. Who do you have now? Why are you looking to change? What are your expectation levels? Pushing inventory to every other site on the planet isn't the always the best plan. If you want quality leads from your own website (where conversion rates are the highest) you will need to spend your money on making sure your site does what the customer needs and can be found easily in a variety of searches.

Good Call!


Yes I do work for a custom website provider, but Harlene is right.  And NO, I will not try and pitch you our products here : ) 


Start with a goal then work backwards to determine what order and who you can best partner with.


In my opinion, SEO is far more powerful than any inventory feed to 3rd party sites... invest in yourself!
I'm also a fan of Carsforsale.com. The handle our hosting and inventory for $99 a month. I also get a ton of leads from them. bob.johnson@carsforsale.com is my rep... I recommend him. He's knowledgable and can walk you through the process.

Cliff VanMeter
Obviously I am partial but I think all carsforsale.com websites look similar. I also do not like the standard flash animation on the home pages.
I worked with our Carsforsale.com team to develop a distinct look. Templates always look like templates, unless you put in the effort to adapt them. I really gave them a lot of specifics and them made every change I asked for.

We've seen a 400% increase in traffic since we went online with the new site. There are some trade-offs, but I'm getting my site hosted, my inventory handled, feeds for my inventory, a good Craigslist posting tool, a video tool and an efficient system for handling inventory images. When I got to Express Auto a few months ago, several of those pieces were in place from different vendors and at a much higher cost. $99 a month is a steal for what you get.

I personally can't say enough good things about them.

Clifford VanMeter

What is your current website and what are you hoping to accomplish?
There are many companies and variables, I can give you an unbiased opinion.

Thomas Ieracitano

Is this forum okay with Vendors pitching their product? If so, I must bow out. Dealerefresh and DealerElite are forums in which you get great feedback from the dealerbody and industry experts with little to no agenda's other than just trying to share their experiences. Forums such as this one as you can see that allow vendors to pitch their product lose transparency that people like Thomas Campbell are looking for. Tisk Tisk

Jeff, unfortunately Thomas didn't qualify that he wanted responses only from dealers. But believe it or not he has some good advice from some folks within this thread which is why I am not deleting the entire tread at this point. However, most of the time the vendors are not as aggressive as they have been here this morning which leads me to believe we need to review their files this subject for some reason started a firestorm this morning.

Stick around we do have some really good discussions. 


           I appreciate the response. I'm not against vendors posting on topics that are relevent but communities such as this one I feel will be better served if you would police out-right solicitations.

Hi Thomas,

If you are looking for a provider that is an auto industry expert you need to take a look at  Autofusion. Complete web solutions is one of the many online marketing tools we offer at at prices that beat (or meet) our competitors.  By far we have the most advanced and affordable products and services on the market.


Please let me know what other questions you might have. I can arrange for a quick demo at your convenience.


Take a look at the attached presentation.

I am a technology coordinator consultant for many rural Minnesota and Iowa dealers and I have seen a number of WSP in action. A really great company that does a nice job of customizing is Carbase. They are based out of Sioux Falls, SD and are a very friendly, people orientated company. Fees are average and the features are are at least as good. They get high marks for service after the sale!...that is what I find dealers need the most....service of the product. Carbase.com is their domain.....I DO NOT work for them.



The problem you will have is you don't really have a lot of real pictures on your website, just a lot of stock photo.

If that is your intention...your current site is fine.


Most used car websites are overkill and unless you are thinking of Autotrader and Cars.com there really not necessary.


Keep in mind that most companies Desking and Inventory systems will not integrate with your website.

Check with them first.


Website that do not include SEO ( search optimization ) and SEM ( search marketing ) are worthless.


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