Dear Financing Friends:

As leasing is beginning to make more sense for our customers I am examining whether or not to integrate it back into our sales process as a main focus. We are searching for a valuable leasing seminar/training for my finance desk. I'm interested in training that would include everything from the very basics of leasing, to working the deal, to selling it to the customer. Any suggestions and contact information would be appreciated.

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Hello Roger,

believe it or not there are still a few of us 'Old Half-a-Car' folks still out there doing other things in the

Automotive Industry. I spent almost 10 yrs. with the HAC/Reynolds Group and did my share of Lease

Training Seminars. Believe me when I tell you, the presentation was not totally designed to sell leasing

but just to have the customer understand it better so the Sales Associate or F&I Mgr could offer the 

consumer an intelligent 'choice close'. However, many did Lease as it really did 'Make More Sense!'.

I would be happy to discuss this with you on a 'Live' telephone call.

Please feel free to contact me back if you would like too.


Al Mullins


Our company helps BHPH dealers get into leasing.  Are you looking for BHPH leasing or are you looking at new car leasing?


George Klinke

My associates and I have developed a sales training program which also incorporates Lease Training.  The program is simple, "We here at ABC Motors have 2 ways to get that new vehicle, we'll show them both to you and let you choose, fair enough"?  It completely integrates purchase and lease into the presentation and let the customer decide.  It has been developed with input from previousl lease trainers, dealers and managers.  Feel free to contact me for more information.




When new car interest rates were 15% for a prime customer, leasing ruled.

At 0% not so much.

Also the new lease disclosures make the profit less desirable to the dealer.

All captive lenders offer lease training of some sort. Check with them if you are a franchise.

An effective leasing program is NOT about interest rates or LOWER payments.  Leasing should be presented (up front) as an alternative method of acquiring your new vehicle.  Leasing gives the dealer the opportunity to put customers into new vehicles more often, take in nice trades that have been serviced at their dealership with complete service files, allows customers to stay on top of new technologies and most importantly, all of this at virtually NO RISK to the customer.

There are 3 ways to increase your profits; Sell More, Gross More or Sell your current customers More Often (Short Term Leasing).

No-No-No!  Leasing should NOT be presented as only a payment option... Roger, make sure you find a company that trains the sales people other than JUST finance... The "old school" way is to present leasing as an "affordable" payment... This works in the world of old school salespeople, the same sales people who make no gross. When there is no value presented in the beginning of the process, then all you are doing is trying to make things "affordable" to justify NO VALUE in the product you are trying to sell.


My advice, train the sales people! Train them on the values of leasing in terms of flexibility NOT affordability. Otherwise, all you'll be doing to adjusting price (gross) to make things "affordable". This way, when it comes to present payment options, the customer can make an educated choice in regards to their budget and needs instead of being sold on a payment. Trust me, it's soooooo much easier this way to close.


I'd be interested into seeing which company will actually put the overall picture into perspective and have training programs for the sales staff...


DealerTrack is your answer, we are currently hosting FREE lease webinars and have people in your area that can help.  The District Managers for DealerTrack are from dealerships and have the experience.  If you would like to fine out more you can contact me and I will get you to the right people.



The replies above are correct, Lease is an alternative to purchase.   You and your management should know the benefits of leasing and why to lease verses buy.  Not just a payment it is a different way to drive and use a car.

Thanks Robert. I'll be in touch. Benefits are very much known in our finance department. We are a hyper process driven store which has been a key ingredient for success so I'm looking for training that will help us modify our current process in order to also include leasing if we decide to do so.


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