Auto trader platform seems outdated & not so easy to navigate, Back in the day Auto Trader was the best of course but thats like 8-10 years ago i listed a couple of cars on there last year and all i got was complete SPAM from strange numbers. Do you guys still use it? Craigslist is pretty much the best followed by which i get a few trickles from

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I would take Autotrader over, but they both rank below organic traffic on your site, Craigslist, car gurus and Facebook.
Craigslist is obviously the boss, & Ebay is good for high end or special cool cars. I have a FB page but never really got any action on there.

You're right. Ebay is good for unique cars. How many followers do you have on Facebook? Don't be shy about spending a few dollars to boost your posts on Facebook. It reaps awesome benefits. 

i have about 1400 likes now. its worth it on FB creates a little buzz, but so far no solid leads


Sometimes dealers call TRUEcar the "Uber" of car buying.

We ARE different. If you'd like to know more, please let me know.

Talbot Goodyear

(512) 735-5350

(512) 735-5350

a BIG LOL for that one..TRUcar is what i would call an extortion racket.all the big dealers i know hate working with thanks! 

We use an app called Offer up, it brings be about 3 sales a month. Another one is called 5 miles, I get another 3 sales a month from it. I have found that all the car marketing companies are a waste of money. The clients are all on the apps selling a bunch of different things (not just cars) or on craigslist 

I use offer up sometimes but haven't gotten any sales from it- Can you tell me a bit about your operation? price range of cars? years and miles? is great out here in cali


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