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I've finally found a great lead provider that I'm getting a great ROI with. Now I need a great CRM provider to go along with my leads. Does anyone have any suggestions???


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Hot Rod Diva

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Hey Hot Rod. Who are you using for your leads?
Hello Tony,

I’ve been purchasing leads from Auto Pro Network for a year now. Before doing business with APN I bounced around with all the lead providers out there just like everybody else. What I like about APN is the fact that I can purchase a true credit scored lead. They do hard pulls on each customer. All the other lead providers don’t do “hard” pulls… they do soft pulls on the customers and when you call the lead provider and say the customer doesn’t score the minimum score they tell you “Well send it back if it doesn’t score” So the dealer is doing the filtering process for them at the dealers expense & time & your paying them a premium price for something they’re not doing!! I’m out on the games!

Thank you!!
What lead provider are you using?
Hello Peter,

I've been buying scored leads from Auto Pro Network for a year now. They're a great company and deliver what they say! They have the best leads in the business!!
Have you spoken to the folks at Autobase? Everyone I know that uses them says great things.
Hello Bob,

I've not talked with Autobase yet. I'll give them a call. Thank you for the information.
That depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Is it just you who will be using it. Where are you getting your leads from (Internet, Phone, Floor, Referrals)? WIth more details I could give you a better answer. I started my company back in 1998 www.proresponse.com and have seen CRMs come and go. Whatever you choose it should be focused on the customer, comprehensive yet easy to use, and provide a ROI.
David Goodison
Most CRMs are bloated and offer too much that you'll never use...like Excel.

I've used Sugar, Zoho, and MS Dynamics and I highly recommend Highrise by 37Signals. It's the simplest and best solution around.

Highrise all the way.
Hey Nicolas,

Thank you for the information!
Vinsolutions has a very good system if everyone is on board to use it.
Hello Tom,

I'll check them out! Thank you for the information.
We have had ADP CRM & DMS for 5 years now and we just renewed our contract with them, and have upgraded to ADP Drive & ASP to get rid of the onsite servers, and VoIP Phone System to really integrate the system fully.

I have looked at a lot of CRM Systems over the last 7 years or so and I have not seen another provider with a system as comprehensive as ADP's. Now that being said ADP is not perfect, but none of the systems are.

Any CRM System is better than none, and the system we have may be overkill for many operators. A CRM System requires a total buy in from the management staff to get desired ROI. Without that buy in CRM could be a waste of time and money.

The better systems at a minumum need a comprehensive BDC Event Program to manage Prospect, and Sales contacts, as well Service Follow Up. So it goes without saying that whatever system you choose needs to integrate with your DMS to allow Data Mining and generation of email and snail mail campaigns to your prospects, sold customers, and Fixed Ops Customers. It also goes without saying that the store needs to be brought into the 21st Century if not already there. By that I mean that every customer contact person in the store needs their own PC, as the better systems like ADP will provide all of the required contact that prospect, sold customer, and Fixed Ops Customer needs to the assigned employees desktop . This is where the Buy In really comes into focus. If the Management do not inspect what they expect daily then the CRM venture is destined to fail.

The VoIP Phone System which is not yet installed here will be the final piece in the puzzle that allows us to actually track the customer contact that the system sets up for the sales staff. It will also make it easier for the sales and service staff to connect to the customer as the contact will simply be a hyperlink in their daily contacts and when clicked the sysyem will automatically call the customer. When the customer answers the employee simply picks up the phone and talks.

So this will allow us to see exactly how long the conversations are, and even record them if we like for training. Another really neat feature with the VoIP is the desk top pop up. If a customer calls into the dealership and we have that number in the system the switchboard will get a pop up on the PC telling them who the call is from so the operator will in many cases be able to greet the customer by name when the call in. When the operator transfers the call to Sales or Service that employee will also get that pop up so they will know who they are talking to as they pick up the call.

Last but certainly not least the store will need a paid CRM expert to monitor the system performance, set up and change templates as needed, create new contact programs and tweek existing ones, conduct campaigns and data mining, and provide ongoing training to the staff.


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