We are thinking of going into BHPH/LHPH. What ration of collector to customers should I have?

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I have to say that the number you need depends on how you plan to operate you BHPH business. Underwriting is the key. If you are going to sign up everybody that fogs a mirror then you will need a collector for about every 150 accounts. If you are going to be a little more conservative in your deal buying then you can get go to 1 per 250. Our underwriting is fairly strict. We have a look to book close to 20% and I have 1 collector with 680 accounts.

i'm a one person show and we have 300 plus accounts . The way you collect determines what you need. I'm proud to say we have 98 % 21 day Recency rate and the customers that havent paid are less than 10 days delenquent . I'd say 1 person for every 300 accounts. Depends on what your lookin for in collectors etc... Make sure they have some experience !! This is a whole new breed of collections !!  Feel free to ask any questions if you need to . Thanks
We have 2 collectors on 700 accounts. GPS/SID devices ROCK.
I work for a web based dialing solution. If your are manually dialing, I agree with the other posts. If you are using a dialer you can double the amount of accounts per collector. This doesn't completely replace manual dialing but it greatly increases productivity and connection rates.


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