I have been using Craigslist for about a year, with pretty good results.
Learning what ads were acceptable to my local audience was a big help.

Since the initiation of the "phone-verified" accounts for cars/trucks by dealers,
It seems much harder for a posting to be removed - mine included.
Also it is obvious that some larger dealers are using automated posting methods.
Has CL changed the rules?

I see this daily (out-of-town dealers using automated methods) to post in my area.
Has anyone else noticed this in their area?

I'm not a big flagger - but hey - if an out-of-town dealer is posting in my area, I'll flag it.
Flagging seems to be a waste of time nowadays.


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There is no such thing as "automated methods" or none that I have seen to date. I have talked to many dealers who have told me that XYZ company can post batch feeds (automated methods) to Craig's List, but those companies have never been able to deliver what they have promised. We have worked with Craig's List for years and have built a great partnership with them. Here is a link to one of our ads on Craig's List:

If you have any questions give me a call at 972-741-4478
OK, that's the type of ad I was referring to.
An actual person has to manually post that ad?

BTW, I don't have a problem with a dealer posting anything,
as long as they stay in their own area.
It is called the World Wide Web. I see no problem with out of towners posting in my area. I post in three areas in Kentucky.
I should clarify my position.

First, I didn't mean to come across as a "whiner".
In the past, I never bothered with flagging (laissez-faire, if you will).

My CL ads get flagged and removed regularly if posted "out of area".
If you get get flagged repeatedly the ads get ghosted.
Cross-posting is against CL TOU.
CL has been beneficial to my small operation.
So, trying to live within CL TOU, I stopped posting in other areas,
and began to flag others.

I'm going back to laissez-faire, lol.
Your ads have to be manually posted?
I often begin to type too comment when a paying guest calls or walks in...This time I am taking the time too comment..
What is so appealing in flagging?Protectionism?Do not sell a a vehicle in my back yard?We have flogger's ..dealers and private who are in a "pissing contest"..privates "jump titles" dealers sell do this for profit...bitch bitch.The ability to flag should end..Craigslist is full of adult services and yet classified adds get flagged?Like porn if you do not like it turn the channel!Because an add exists one does not have to business with the seller.
Sort by preference and keep moving.This concept that only local dealers can sell in my back yard is crazy.E -Bay also one of the key investor's in CL sells world wide.Today the world is your market.How do you flag Television adds on ESPN ? A feed may come in and now you want to "flag"? Here are the facts ..not all buyers want to do business with us.They should not have the ability to "pull " our adds.Only CL if it is in violation of decency.Not all posters or flagger's are legitimate.some are "Sick-o-cyber nutz".Lets keep looking for a better Craigslist..
Now get back to work selling yourself instead of watching the guy down the street eat you bread.
Point taken.
I find the people who respond to the CL ads are the (un-politically correct) bottom of the barrell.No matter what you put in there they want a lower & best price. Bargain hunters (which is ok) and mostly time waisters. In our area there are so many "curb stoners" & "back yarders" that it really doesn't make a difference. I dont put things on it as it's not been advantageous for us. WE concider it just an electronic business card anyway.
There are several software apps you can use to auto post some of which are able to do some sort of an end run or otherwise satisfy the phone verified requirement. We had a used car dealer near one of our stores who had two guys with two separate IP addresses who would go through the CL auto listings and do the 1-2 flag on any cars that were the same as or similar to the cars they had up there. if they had an 04 camry then your 03-05 camry postings were not long for this world. (usually a minute) complaining to CL is slow but they will usually do something eventually. The auto post programs make it ridiculously easy (click click) to add every city in the US if you want too. You know how car people like to shotgun everything they can ...flag away. if anyone wants any information on the various CL apps (auto posters, search listing management etc ) let me know and I will post up a complete rundown of whats out there
"if anyone wants any information on the various CL apps (auto posters, search listing management etc ) let me know and I will post up a complete rundown of whats out there"

Please do.

I this posted by Auction123 software?


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