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I'm going to start doing video here and have heard good things about the Flip camera. My Sony digi cam is great for photo shoots, but the video sucks. My AutoTrader rep recommended the Flip, anybody have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!


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Flip is great, but don't buy the HD version for your dealership. The files are way too large. That's my nickels worth.
Thanks Harlene and Michael! My thinking on the HD version is this: I'm buying this camera out of my own pocket, therefore I will be using it for family vacations, etc.. as well. Additionally, I will be posting videos to YouTube and other sites that support HD.

I really don't want to buy one non-HD camera for the dealership and one HD version for me. Other than the files being to large and taking to long to load (for Autotrader), CAN I get buy with the HD? Off to do some more research. Decisions, decisions.....
Harlene is correct - we install the use of flip video in all the dealerships we work with. Done right, it will help you to produce extraordinary results. As Harlene said, don't waste your money on HD. The Ultra works just fine.
I agree , the flip is all you need to get the job done. The next step is getting these videos on your dealer website. Dealer e Process offers YouTube embedding to speed the process on every vehicle in inventory which makes the addition of the flip video easy to install on every vehicle on the dealers website.

Dave Page
Dealer e Process
Audio is much better on the Kodak Zi8 model. It has a plug in for a lapel microphone. The Flip is limited to the person doing the video. If at any time you want to use 2 people (1 taking the video and 1 person in the video) audio sucks on the Flip. And they are aout the same price.
John, thanks for your input. Will check out the Kodak as well!
Well folks, just got back from Best Buy. Went with the Kodak Zi8! Gives me the flexibility to shoot stills, low-res video, all the way up to 1080p. Better online reviews than the Flip and came with more accessories as well as the SD card slot. It's charging now, so I haven't had too much time to play with it yet. Thanks for all the advice!
Can you use the Kodak Zi8 model or any of the others as a web cam as well?
I have bought four flip cam's and Love them despite having two of them jam on me and one having an audio problem. The deal is how to use them to grow your business.
Mike visit www.rebeldealer.com or www.easycarloan.ca and you will see. I started with a Flip phone as well and learned the hard way about audio issues with the FLIP. The versatility for a better audio experience with the Kodak is well worth it. Same Price ...Go to Kodak .com
Check out this guys videos, they are awesome!


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