Hello everyone. I would like to thank anyone who comments to this first and foremost. 

I am a one week old dealer and have several questions as you might already have guessed. My dealership specializes in classic/vintage vehicles, and I am having issues finding exact paperwork processes in the state of Florida. I have handbooks, but I'm not sure where to locate the exact forms, etc. 

I now have two vehicles in my inventory, both with a bill of sale to my dealership name (purchased by myself from an individual). In order to move forward with a public sale, what is first? Once again, I have several ideas, but like a puzzle, they are spread out all on the table.

I appreciate the feedback!  

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You need a DMS, there are several out there that would fit the bill. We use wayne reeves, its about 99 per month.

I use FRAZER.  It's awesome and does the job for 200 year I think it is now.  I have been with them 15 years so I am locked in at just over 100 a year.  The best customer support I love it would not dream to change.  I can not see spending 100 a month on software.

Your replies on the right track, you need DMS, (Operating system for dealers) it will provide you the docs needed for a sale... you also want to consider finance options and if your new dealer , signing banks will be hard especially with less than 15 cars in stock... there is a pay per month system, app one ... and it gives you access to lenders ...might want to look into them ....as far as a DMS, Wayne reeves best for you right now


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