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Sean, is your question about driving traffic to the store or closing more deals?
Good Morning Harlene
Thank you for your responce.
Harlene I would like to derect more Traffic into my shop
How often do you target your customer base using direct mail, or better yet, email campaigns? It sounds like you're talking about growing your repair order count in the service drive?
craigslist ads,,, local thrifty print papers ads, auto trader ads, craigslist is my number one traffic generator to my small indy lot, I only average about 12 units on the lot at a time and I sell an average of 16 YTD, I advertise cars from our other 3 lots from my location craigslist has been my bread and butter.
Give away puppies ;-)

I would encourage craigslist as well, and there's a lot of things you can do online if you are willing to try it.
Hi Sean! If you are seeking more traffic into your showroom, Direct Mail is the way to go! Fully customizable programs tailored to any situation, accountable & with the BEST ROI! Call me if you would like any info - Darlene 866-776-7587!
What is your UNIQUE value proposition? Why should someone do business with you as oppose to the other person? Many dealer think count is the issue, when in fact it is closing % and the why buy here message is normally the same as the other guy, great service good staff, hours.... Would you buy from that dealership.

What about lifetime powertrain warranty, free state inspection for life, 5 day return policy, one price no haggle selling. Customer buy value and are sold on price, let them buy. Would the above reason attarach more buyers?
File attached for you to review on direct mail and email.
Sean is looking to drive more traffic for his service operations.
Hi Sean, Sold customer follow up directed at getting that customer in for their first service, it is important. According to Lexus, if a customer visits your shop 3 times they are 70% likely to buy their next car from you. Six month no service campaigns are effective too. There is probably not a sure fire way to create a lot of service traffic other than using Traffic Builders or someone along those lines. But dealerships that have processes in place to attract and retain Service Traffic enjoy more service business without spending any extra money. I uploaded a mapped process that may help you down the road. I'm curious, does your store have a BDC? Good Luck.
Yes, please call Mike Harley at 813.732.9975.


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