I have searched for reviews across the web and have found nothing but negative except for on the companies website Testimonials? No BBB Listing is strange for a business that is 25+ years. I also goggled there address and it shows a crafts & antiques warehouse?

Auto Services Co Inc 971 Coley Drive, Mountain Home, AR 72653 (870) 425-8330 ‎

I am desperate in need of a accredited warranty company for to provide coverage for my used car lot! Anyone have recommendations? I just joined Westlake financial last week and they have a warranty coverage but I know there are those time where I just wont be able to close on those deals

Any info would be greatly appreciated


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I'm Brian Martin and I'm the President of Dealer Management Group in Texas. We are a full service dealer development and F&I Services provider. My best advice to any dealership looking for a service contract provider is look for a company that is the insurance company, the administrator and handles all of the claims internally. Service contract companies that are insurance companies are required by many states to setup reserve accounts to handle claim payments and cancelations. There are many company that are risk retention or TPA (third party providers) that are nor insurance companies. These types of companies are not required to follow the sames rules as insurance backed service contract companies. The risk that these companies have are very great, and can potentially trick down to your dealership cost you thousands in unpaid warranty claims. Our company partners with providers that are insurance backed only. We can handle franchise and independent. Feel free to check us out at www.dealermgntgroup.com. If I can help you in any way, feel free to call me on my cell @ (832) 527-1746 Happy Holidays!

Thank you very much for your very informative reply. I will contact you very soon! Happy Holidays to you as well!


You are very Welcome. I look forward to the opportunity to visit with you soon.


Brian K. Martin

Dealer Management Group


We used Auto Services Co. for several years at the small group of independent stores I managed  about 7 yrs ago. The process was very simple, their products were competitively priced and best of all THEY PAID! and they did it without alot of the grief other service contract providers can often times give you. The key with this company was the Rep... we had a great one!  Good Luck!

We've been using Auto Services Co. for about 6 months.  We are a CAC dealer so we sell the Wynns warranty with about 75% of our deals, but anything that goes without that, we put their $100 3/3000 warranty on.  They have been great and have paid claims without hassle.  Two great points are 1) you can set up the warranty yourself on line and print it out for the customer, its effective immediately and 2) if the customer drives off the lot and the car dies (hopefully not a common occurance) , they call them (since they have free towing and roadside assistance) instead of calling you.

Never use a VSC with a company you can't find a website on. These people represent your company in the customer's mind. If you use a VSC that does not pay claims then you end up looking like the bad guy. Stay away from anything with National Vehicle Protection Services INC, they use five or six warranties, as I just witnessed them completely rude to a customer. Vehicle One facilitated by the UWC has been great with my customers for years. 


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