We have been using Deal Packet but doesnt follow the life cycle of car from acquisition to sale to payments (bhph) Would like to know what others think? DealerSocket sounds great but is 500 a month. Any input is appreciated. thanks in advance.

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We have the entire package. IDMS omni que, blackbird and desking. I'd also and omnique work well and are somewhat integrated. The rest don't work well at ALL. VERY BUGGY. They definitely don't work well together. And after 4 months I am still waiting for bug fixes. Very frustrating.

And worst of all when they sell it to you they don't let you try it, but make you sign a contract.
So a short answer is it depends. If all you do is bhph then IDMS is worth it. The rest is not.
There are others. Nowcomm is good. And much cheaper. Not as robust on the bhph but easy to use and compliant.

Good luck!

Randy thank you. I am confused is IDMS etc all part of DealSocket? What did u use before? Sounds scary and the money is steep. We actually do bhph and lhph. And a big thing Dealer Pack doesnt do is allow lenders to look at our deals. Please let me know if IDMS, omni que blaclbird are all products of DealerSocket? I will will look at nowcomm.com but one of our major lenders said the ones they need are Dealer pac; frazier; dealersocket and i think 2 others but dont recall nowcomm. thanks again


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