Is anyone using micro 21 or Dealerclick as a DMS SYSTEM. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I run 3 dealerships with a RLFC and we use Micro21 for our DMS. For the first year I was with the company, we used DealerClick and it was an absolute nightmare. Customer service and technical support were atrocious, not to mention the inaccurate amortization of loans on multiple accounts. After months of demos and sales pitches we decided to go with Micro21. Micro21 is not only a very user friendly program, I was able to cut many expenses that we were outsourcing such as window stickers, forms printing, and 40 man hours that was taken up with data entry. We are already saving a good amount of money and we haven't even tapped all of the resources that come with the program. Micro21 support is just as amazing as their program. They quickly adapt to the needs of our growing dealerships and are constantly adding to their program to make it better than it already is. I would recommend Micro21 to anyone that is looking for a powerful DMS system and looking to streamline the operations of their dealership.

-Matt Devanney
Drive Auto Group
(860)241-9300 x7
If you just want to print sales contracts and minor inventory control, you would be fine no matter who you choose. If you are looking to have a complete DMS with full capabilities to move you forward in this market then check out www.AutoSoft.NET. However, make sure you select a company who uses SQL database. You do not want to have your customer data to be compromised and deal with Red Flag on your back.
Yes I do agree with Thomas, I have used Micro21 in the past, it is very user friendly and easy to operate.
I currently use Frazer which is just as useful and 1/4 the cost.
We use DealerCenter from Nowcom Dealer Services. It's a great platform that allows dealers to print contracts, manage inventory, interface with Kelley, pull credit bureaus, NADA and Blackbook, upload inventory onto and You can also load all of the lenders to the system to generate applications to work your deals. The best thing about the system is it's ease of use and the Westlake Buy Program.


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