All sources indicate that Barrack Obama is going to announce Chrysler's filing of Chapter 11 tomorrow (April 30th). What a way to close the month for C-D-J dealers. The unthinkable is apparently happening. The questions at hand for C-D-J dealers are what happens with your factory receivables and what happens to your franchise agreements.

NADA has asked Chrysler to fund legal counsel for the dealers. (I'd take my factory receivable first.) Where are things heading? What are the thoughts of C-D-J dealers or employees?

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SAD First 100 days as our commander ,and our goverment , who wanted the auto industry to thrive ,is pulling us apart, 1 at a time, maybe the oil companies should back the car manufactors, instead of the goverment.
we are 72 years with Pontiac, 21 years dualed with GMC & Buick, and on May 11th GM will send the letters out to over 2000 gm dealers; letting us know if we will be able to sell and service our loyal customer base,
If the plug is pulled, how much time will we have, to operate our company. Time will tell,SAD
Looks like our country will hit double digit unemployment numbers in several states.
Where is the leadership from the goverment?
You never can cut expense's to a profit!


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