How does your store specifically conduct a short daily sales manager's meeting (Sales/Desk Managers, F&I, and Internet Manager/Director) to review the prior days business (appraisals, deals not bought, unsold prospects, response to internet leads, appts from the prior day, salespeople's activities) and to preview today's business?

We've never been able to set these up so they are short and productive and actually help to hold everyone accountable and move the needle. I'm looking for a way to structure these with the appropriate personnel.

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Daily managers meetings are handled differently at different staffing and volume levels. If you have a GSM or Finance director they can hold individual meetings early in the morning and then meet with the GM for review during a daily department head meeting. If your store is smaller the GM meets with Sales and finance separately from the other departments to review contracts in transit, deals in process but not delivered and the daily work plan.

Is productive and short really going to work? What you are talking about is probably one of the most critical functions of any GM and probably the most productive. Depending on your volume it could be structered by having your managment team knowing  exactly what is expected and required in the meeting and have them start on time. Even more important is establishing a system whereby YOU can follow up on previous days comments and actions taken or not taken. Once your team realizes that you consider these meetings critical and will followup you will be suprised how efficient you will become. INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT-  there is no shortcut to success.
Don't involve too many people--just those who are relevant to the deals.  Do not stray from the topic.  We can hold a save-a-deal meeting in 30mins and cover all the topics you listed.  Someone has to be in charge, to keep the conversation germain and to say, "Ok.  That's it.  What's next?"  Don't do meetings on Friday and Saturday (in Colorado we're closed Sunday) because those should be pep rallies to get everyone geeked up for the weekend.  Short, sweet, relevant.


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