Can anyone recommend a company that will allow us to report payment histories?

can report auto loan payment history


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All the agencies will let you report , but you need a large size of customers to send.

I believe TU is 500 customers minimum

I try myself sign up membership  they dont accept me at all  of my 3 business I have I am just looking for someone can report them for me  for a 1 month fee and report them

Sure ...that is easy. Equifax, Transunion, etc. Is there another part to your question?

I saw a program that is for BHPH dealers, it tracks payment and customer accounts, it also allows you to report credit. I think it is called AUTOPAL, from a company in Utah.

PRBC is a credit reporting agency for alternative data that includes buy here, pay here data.  Here is a link to more information if you're interested:

they are not no good PRBC  that  just another credit bureau only  they do not report to equifax,experian,trans union at all

Trans Union will let you report with 200 open accounts



This is a common question Auto Master Systems gets all the time too.

The problem is the bureaus don't want any small company to report.  The smallest I have heard of is 150-200 accounts for Trans Union, but this doesn't really do you much good unless you are in a predominately TU area.

Equifax and Experian from my experience are 500 minimum.

The good software companies will create the Metro2 format file for you to save you that legwork of manually creating this file to upload, however, you still need an Equifax, Expierian, or Trans Union account to get that file to them.


They also used to allow stacking of bureaus so small finance companies/bhph dealers could combine records, however, this is no longer allowed anymore either.


You are basically out of luck until you have the required account limit.

Sorry, I wish there was a better answer.




From what I've heard, basically the Big 3 bureaus refuse to work directly with small businesses that they consider too small.  I've heard the 500 minimum from Equifax and Experian, and 200 for TU.  PRBC is a solid alternative if the Big 3 don't take your business seriously.   

If you have less than 100 account, the only way to report would be having a third party to collect and report.  If you have more than 100 accounts, check this out with AutoSoftNET,com .

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 i  just call them you still  have be membership   with the credit bureau input in there software to submit account    no way out of it

So you are not a subscriber to the credit agencies.

Why would they let you export data if you dont pull data from them?

Cant have it both ways


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