What types of contests/events is your dealership having on weekends, for example, to create excitement/better atmosphere and draw in more floor traffic (not referring to salespeople’s spiffs)?

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You can find a lot of unique ideas in the latest issue of Auto Dealer Monthly for December. Our digital edition is available online here: http://autodealermonthly.epubxp.com/title/12049. The article that features contests/events is called From Tarzans to Touchdowns... It's an informative piece! 

If your looking for an exciting event with incredible walk in traffic you need AMG's copy written direct mail program the Mystery Mania. 10k pieces will get you 150- 200 walk ins. I have plenty of references that will back this up.




1-800-648-3107 ext.229


Another option is a Staffed Event sale.  Beware, there are a lot of compaines out there, some good some bad.  I would definitely spend the time researching the company you are considering (references, BBB rating, etc.).  The right company with the right promotion will create a very exciting 5 day enviornment and more importatly sell cars.



who do you use for staffed sales events?

Check out www.acquisitionsale.com by Preferred Dealer Services. I have had many event sales with his company and he is one of the good ones!

Don't forget to ask for the referrals......

Probably one of the most effective and affordable things that can be done, to create some perceived excitement at a dealership, is to create an exciting dealership environment. And, no, I'm not referring to those generic sale in a box promotions. I'm referring to a time tested and proven system of visual merchandising, specifically created for the auto industry.

Interestingly, this is still a seemingly well kept secret in the industry but, it works and not just on weekends. Just ask one of our nearly 1,500 dealership customers, many of whom have been using our visual merchandising system for years.

This is, by no means, a solicitation but, you asked for ideas, and this is definitely worth your time to check out. www.eOnsight.com or www.facebook.com/onsightsolutions.

Good Luck.


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