Is anyone using Carvant Financial?   I am looking for a good fit as a secondary finance company behind Credit Acceptance.  Want to know if they are good to work with and any other information.  Thanks.

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Don't know about Carvant but you want to consider Western Sierra or Granite Financial

I am a Dealer in Pennsylvania and have done many deals with Carvant.  They are great to work with, good terms, fund well and really work with you.  They specialize in small amounts financed but give decent advances.  Fees are what you would expect from this type of lender but it will get the car on the road and funding will be easy.  They require a "loan plus" GPS unit to be installed but this is pretty common with this type of lending.  Mention you spoke with me, Carey Clayman at Lehigh Valley Honda.  I recommend them highly......

Thanks for the info Carey.  I will definitely mention you.

Thanks Jim.  I posted this before we talked.  I'll be in touch with you.

What state(s) are you in?


look into United Auto Credit. good advances and very deeop credit

Both of the lenders you mention are great companies but my question is this: what is it your customers are needing that cannot be provided by you primary sub prime lender that requires you to need a secondary subprime company?  Give me a call at Go Financial and I am confident we will help you solve your problem.  No sign up fees, no start up fees, no monthly fees and no recourse.  Along with that we also operate the largest chain of privately owned subprime financing dealerships in the country so we understand your dilemma as a dealer and not just a lender. thanks, Lance

Hi Lance

Good question for sure.  We are committed to CAC as our primary funding source, they are a great company to work with.  We however, are looking for a secondary funding source as there are 2 instances where CAC doesn't work.


1) CAC never forgets, so if customer has a Dodge Aries repoed from them in 1985, they still wont fund a deal, even though it has long ago been off the bureau. 


2) Sometimes CAC just doesn't like someone, due to some issues on their bureau and the only way we can fund them is with $4500 down on a $7000 vehicle.  Sometimes this is justified but sometimes it just doesn't make sense, good job time, etc.  So we send someone off the lot with $1000 or $1500 in their pocket and lose the sale.






I rep for Carvant Financial,

Carvant is a well capitalized Non-Prime lender offering financing solutions in 15 states.  They are located in Long Island, NY and operate like an institutional type lender with the owners being hands on with the loan approval / underwriting process.  They allow rehashing of loans and are open 6 days a week.


Applications can be submitted via DealerTrack or by fax.  Program highlights include:


  • ·         No Recourse advances on 2000+ newer vehicles under 135k miles
  • ·         48 month terms
  • ·         rates starting at 15.9%
  • ·         monthly payments
  • ·         160% max amount financed
  • ·         advances based on NADA Clean Trade w/ option and mileage adjustments
  • ·         small dealer discounts
  • ·         will consider open chapter 13 bankruptcies.

·         free GPS unit provided by Carvant + $65 installation fee paid to dealer

For more information, feel free to call me @ 443.553.3589 or email


Jabi Daya

Carvant Financial Rep

Hi Dave, 

I saw your post and wanted to introduce myself. I am an internal rep with Westlake Financial Services. I see that you are signed up with us, but I would love to get on a call and discuss how our new program that launched in April.

It sounds like you are looking for a company/program that compliments CAC and is able to save some of the deals they turn down. The two examples you mentioned: 1.) Customer with prior CAC repo being turned down and 2.) credit challenged customers walking off the lot with $1000-$1500 down would be perfect instances of deals you would want to run through our system. 

We are a true full-spectrum lender. We have options for every customer that is about to walk off your lot. The new program I want to discuss with you allows credit-challenged customers with FICOs below 549 APRs as low as 15.99% with no vehicle mileage or age restrictions. While on the other side, prime customers can get APRs as low as 4.99% on the same program! Only Westlake dealers will be able to offer customers such competitive rates. 

Finally, some of the differences between our programs and Carvant Financial include the following:

  • We will work with job letters, SSI, disability, student income, trust annuity, passive income etc. 
    • (Carvant must have verifiable source of income)
  • Our new program has no year restrictions or mileage restrictions
    • (Carvant works with 1999 and Newer/Less than 125K miles)
  • We require 10% down payment- We will accept deferred or "pick-up payments
    • (Carvant requires minimum 15%/$1500 cash down/ No deferred)
  • GPS is not required with Westlake
    • (Carvant requires you use their approved GPS)
  • Westlake offers customers various methods for customers to make payments ranging from online, pay by phone, Western Union, Money Gram, check, money order and even pay by text message!
    • (Carvant only offers ACH of payments over the phone)

Please call me at your convenience so we can get you back up and running with Westlake and save that valuable business you are missing out on. I would be more than happy to look over any recent turn downs you have as well from CAC. 

Thank you. 

Jordyn Jacobs

office: 323-692-7078

fax: 855-260-4286


Apparently we must be doing something right if a company as large and successful as Westlake feels the need to compare themselves to us.  We are flattered!  

We have grown successfully due to our focus on personal attention and accessibility.  When you call Carvant you are able to speak directly to a decision maker who works hard at building one-on-one relationships.   Relationships that allow us to listen,  and "step up" on deals when needed.  We don't hide behind guidelines, instead we make decisions based on common sense and relationship. 


If you are interested in signing up or learning more about our program please give me a call.




Jeff Cohen

CEO, Carvant Financial



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