Ok media, it's time to expose what the dealers are going through. It is August 12th ... Cash for Clunkers "officially" started July 24th and LESS than 2% of the dealers have been PAID! 80% of the submissions have been REJECTED!! This is all according to an alert that just went out to the Alabama Dealer's Association today.

There are less than 300 people working on this project! http://www.cashforclunkersfacts.com/bill/citigroup-underestimated-c...

Cash flow is going to become a MAJOR BURDEN. $4200 X 50 = $210,000. $4200 X 100 = $420,000. This is the cash that many stores have waiting in review.

Go to www.dealerrefresh.com and look at the frustration of the dealers as sooooo many deals keep getting rejected for bogus reasons. Mr. Govt. ... we the Dealers deserve better treatment. Something needs to be done in the NEXT 48 HOURS to correct this situation. 2% is UNACCEPTABLE and an 80% rejection rate is just making for an even bigger backlog.

If we "attempt" this program in healthcare, the patient is going to die while he is still filling out paperwork. Hey media ... the car dealers could really use your help in exposing this travesty. We need to get the word out NOW so they can straighten out this mess immediately.

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Here are 3 posts from one of the sites ... just to give you an idea of what the dealers are experiencing!!
Government, it's time to correct this situation!!

I would love to help you but I resubmitted 2 on 8-5-09 and have not received any notification back. Mine were rejected for bogus reasons also. I called the NHTSA number
202.366.0606 6AM TO 4PM CST
202.510.7825 AFTER 4PM CST
they didn’t know why either and told

I just had a car rejected and the reason for rejection was: NONE.
Has anyone else experienced this problem? Please let me know if you have.

Hitting refresh hoping to see one approved is getting old, hundreds burning gas, millions in liability and only 5 paid so far.
The paid ones just show up in the account without any documentation, we have to guess what deal it belongs to? (of course with only 5 paid it is easy to guess )
We have several stores that have not recieved a dime yet and many deals are from July.
Reading Automotive news, they only have 300 reviewers, that means aprox 2500 per reviewer. do the math… I have not slept right in days… It’s like the month end that never ends at the stores, but we are more anxious with every delivery, instead of happy
300 People??? Wow! Those are some impressive government salaries. 5% admin fee the Government is charging = $150 M divided by 300 = $500K per year.
Don't hold your breath waiting on the MSM to report on this. They are to much in bed with covering up everything to make our new administration out to look good. This would be the complete opposite and they are not going to report on something negative like this, especially with the healthcare issues they have right now. Heck, if anything they would probably start accusing dealers that complain about this as being far right wing extremists making things up just to try and discredit our new administration of corrupt crooks!
To: frank.borris@dot.gov
Subject: CARS.gov rejection messages are unclear

TO: Frank Borris, NHTSA

FROM: Bill Thompson, Martin Autopark, Cleveland, Texas

Dear Mr. Borris:

On 8/3/09 I attended the NADA "Cash for Clunkers" Webinar in which you participated.

We are having major problems in dealing with the CARS.gov system.

At our dealership, we have submitted 10 invoices to CARS.gov since 7/28. NONE HAVE BEEN APPROVED. Total amount owing to the dealership is $41,000.

For the invoices that have been rejected, the reasons for the rejection are very unclear.

For example, this morning we received the reject message below on one of our invoices submitted to CARS.gov. We received 2 rejection notices with the same error message.

The reject code was "0999 - Multiple Errors Found *** Recheck entire transaction".

This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! "Multiple Errors" is not sufficient information to us to let us know SPECIFICALLY what caused the invoice to be rejected. It is impossible for us to know what needs to be corrected. We check and re-check everything before we send it the first time.

Their additional comment about the vehicle information and the side by side comparison is also unclear. We have reviewed the transaction and can find no errors in that area of the file.




Bill Thompson
Martin Autopark
Cleveland, TX
Received this reply from Tom at NADA today:

From: "clunkers"
Sender: "Rippinger, Tom"
To: "Bill Thompson"

We are. The people reviewing the invoices are in Delaware. I actually saw the job posting for more people at the Citibank center and forwarded to the Delaware dealers association so they can try and get some dealer employees that may have been laid off in there to educate the other reviewers.

As for you immediate problem, AIADA took some pretty good notes from our conference call yesterday. See tip #9. It will give you a procedure to correct the invoice. http://www.aiada.org/ourFocus/chairmanBlogDetail.asp?id=24 Hang in there. We're working on this. Also, don't be afraid to share all of this with your Congressman. After all, they are the ones with power over NHTSA's budget. That may also help expedite things.
Well now C'Mon now you all, the Media cannot make our administration look bad!!!!! That would lower Obama's already low ratings and cause friction between the Democrats and the Republicans.
As of last night we quit the "No Cash For Clunkers" because I am owed much monies. Most Dealers in my 20 Group, locally and regionaly have done the same. NHTSA is in direct violation of the 10 day rule and I wonder what kind of fine they will get?
Can't wait to experience the Health Care.
I am an independant dealer. We are doing cash for clunkers in house without Obama's help. Doing very well with the promotion. Maybe you guys can work that angle, too....instead of waiting for those checks in the mail.
Darren - that would be great - except that I am in Illinois, and that would be considered an "In'House Rebate" - thus subjecting me to fines from the State of Illinois.
I know that we are owed a little over $350K from CARS, and have not been funded a dime!
Guess I'll be selling used cars next week, since I have no new!
As independent dealers who got no help from the government on this program don't look for synpathy from us. You new car dealers wanted this program so you will have to live with the problems that go along with it. Don't you think it would have been better to just sell cars without the governments help
Ditto DIrk's comments, as an independent dealer all I saw was the new dealers on TV news saying what a great deal it was for their business and it was the government's responsibility to expand the program since it was working so good for them. Now you have government as your business partner whether you like it or not, you got in bed with the devil and now he has your soul or at least control of your money. I really hope everyone gets paid what is due to them and this program never happens again.
We saw this coming from the get go. i personally was certain that the site would crash soon after being launched. My first log on attempt was at midnight july 24th. The site finally went live around 7:00 a.m. and then as expected crashed an burned. By 9:00 a.m. I was typing an email to President Obama warning him that our infrastructure could in no way handle health care.

After a weeklong sign up process we were certain that thsi would be a terrible nightmare. Now we are in the throws of more business than we have seen in over a year and I believe the doubt surrounding the CARS progrm has found it's way to the back burner. We have not been paid for any of our deals and all but ten rejected are being reviewed.

The sinking feeling is begining to sink in and all fingers are crossed that the correct amount of money finds it's way into the bank account that took 246 attempts to enter during the sign up process. The fine folks working in the call centers are completely clueless and have been given scipts to respond to questions.

We need the media to go directly to the people that created and are now running the cars program and demand answers on behalf of the dealers. What we don't want is for dealers to be crying the blues on the nightly news. Let's put the NHTSA on the money, literally.
The government said the No. 1 reason dealers are seeing transactions rejected is they are not writing "junk automobile, cars.gov" on both sides of the trade-in vehicles' title. Many dealers had thought they were following instructions to make sure the titles had a "label" when they affixed stickers with those words to both sides of the titles. But those stickers could be peeled off, so the NHTSA officials said dealers need to hand write the words. Take a tip from Terrell Ownes and use a SHARPIE!

Other top reasons for a deal's rejection included missing signatures on paperwork, absent proof of insurance for the trade-in vehicle or mismatched vehicle identification numbers for the trade-in.

It seems to be a major problem that when they reject paperwork they don't identify what they rejected it for.


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