Ok media, it's time to expose what the dealers are going through. It is August 12th ... Cash for Clunkers "officially" started July 24th and LESS than 2% of the dealers have been PAID! 80% of the submissions have been REJECTED!! This is all according to an alert that just went out to the Alabama Dealer's Association today.

There are less than 300 people working on this project! http://www.cashforclunkersfacts.com/bill/citigroup-underestimated-c...

Cash flow is going to become a MAJOR BURDEN. $4200 X 50 = $210,000. $4200 X 100 = $420,000. This is the cash that many stores have waiting in review.

Go to www.dealerrefresh.com and look at the frustration of the dealers as sooooo many deals keep getting rejected for bogus reasons. Mr. Govt. ... we the Dealers deserve better treatment. Something needs to be done in the NEXT 48 HOURS to correct this situation. 2% is UNACCEPTABLE and an 80% rejection rate is just making for an even bigger backlog.

If we "attempt" this program in healthcare, the patient is going to die while he is still filling out paperwork. Hey media ... the car dealers could really use your help in exposing this travesty. We need to get the word out NOW so they can straighten out this mess immediately.

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The government said the No. 1 reason dealers are seeing transactions rejected is they are not writing "junk automobile, cars.gov" on both sides of the trade-in vehicles' title. Many dealers had thought they were following instructions to make sure the titles had a "label" when they affixed stickers with those words to both sides of the titles. But those stickers could be peeled off, so the NHTSA officials said dealers need to hand write the words. Take a tip from Terrell Ownes and use a SHARPIE!

Other top reasons for a deal's rejection included missing signatures on paperwork, absent proof of insurance for the trade-in vehicle or mismatched vehicle identification numbers for the trade-in.

It seems to be a major problem that when they reject paperwork they don't identify what they rejected it for.
I hope everyone gets their money.

When you sleep with snakes, you're gonna get bit.
Let this be a lesson to those of you that thought 'getting in bed' with big government was a good idea. The only way the government can help you line your pockets is through corruption so it won't be on the news and you'll have to know Timothy Guitner or be a former or current big wig at Goldman Sachs.
I am catching so much heat from my dealer at this point for invoices not getting paid, driving me crazy. I have all 34 submitted and have already had 5 or 6 rejected due to not being able to read the trade titles because the copy is to dark and same thing on the DL's. Did I mention that I am also the Special Finance Manager back up Prime Finance Manager and fill in for the two desk guys when they are off and it gets busy. Just venting a little bit here oh and we are a full line Chrysler dealership that is running really thin on inventory....
After reading many of the posts on this thread, all I can say is "WOW!" And since so many of you have thrown in your two cents, let me throw mine is as well...

I don't think there are any franchise dealers on this forum wishing ill-will on the independent dealers, yet there are several independent dealers thankful that the franchise dealers are getting what they so rightfully deserved by participating in this program. I would like to point out a few key facts:

1. The government advertised this program, and while we were not "forced" into participation, I can't imagine the bad publicity we would have received if we told customers that we weren't participating because it was a government program (or for whatever reason). We didn't "get in bed with the devil," the devil got in bed with us. We are simply trying to make due in an extremely challenging environment. To revel in our challenges is disgusting to me on the most basic of levels.

2. I have always given my help, experience, and ideas to anyone who needs it or asks for it. AutoDealerPeople was designed to be a forum that all of us could use to share our experiences (good and bad) with out reprisals from within our own ranks. I would humbly suggest that many of you follow what my grandmother pounded into my head all those years ago, "if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut!" I feel like there are many of you happy that some of us are doing poorly - what a pathetic existence you must lead and what poor leaders in your organizations you must be. I truly feel sorry for you. I am saddened that Courtney has to read some of the statements on this particular thread as she has been one of the biggest supporters of this site and the ideas behind it. She has given much of her time and knowledge to many of you. This is how you repay her?

3. To the many people on this forum who have expressed encouragement to us over the last few weeks and months - THANK YOU!!! Your encouragement and kind words have been a blessing to many within our company.

Finally, I was involved with an independent used car dealership for most of my automotive career. I understand the unique challenges independents face with regards to lenders, banks, floorplan, inventory, etc. It was a dream of many of us at Suzuki of Wichita to own a new car franchise some day. While some of you may feel this dream to be misplaced or poorly founded, it is what it is. .

While you may not agree with the government using your tax dollars in ways you don't agree with, there is a right way and a wrong way to state that disagreement. I am all for freedom of speach; I would just suggest that we use this site for what it was intended - to share successes, failures, ideas, etc. so that we all can gain valuable knowledge from each other. None of us is smarter than ALL of us.

Just sayin'
AMEN ! Thank you, Tom. I wear a couple of different hats as the General Manager of a 2 store BHPH operation connected to a franchise dealership. It brings me great pain to see some of the C4C vehicles sitting on the back lot at the new car stores that would look great on my lots but I also understand the pain this process has brought to our dealer principle and entire operation. I, too, was shocked by some of the responses on this thread and was wondering how to reply. You said it better than I could.
Thank you, Tom, for expressing your opinion. Which happens to double mine.
As a Chrysler Dealer, we really had NO CHOICE but to jump on the C4C bandwagon when every other Chrysler, Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, et al in our region jumped in with both feet.
If we had NOT joined the program we would have been seen as demons for not letting the public get their government money! In eccense what we have done to this point is float our customers just shy of $350,000 in loans which we are waiting for the gov't to pay us back.
We finally got paid this morning on 2 (yes 2) of our 46 C4C deals we have pending.
Thanks Feaz!!!

I am with you on all of your points. We have gotten paid on 1 (yes 1) of our 198 C4C deals as of this morning. Another 16 have been marked "Ready for Payment" which apparently is another way of saying the "check's in the mail - SUCKER!" The government is in to us for a mind-numbing $804,500... I love Cash for Clunkers and I hate Cash for Clunkers.

Wow, I am surprised by the posts on this thread. I hadn't read any of this because I'm not involved. The independents should have just stayed out of this conversation. If this program had included them they would have a place to speak. What the government did was not very well thought out (a trend I'm afraid) and it's a friggin mess. I hope all you dealers get your money. I wish C4C hadn't taken place. I think you would have sold nearly as many cars. The sales would have been spread out but you would have still done most of the business.
OK You are frustrated with the CLUNKER Program for a differant reason than us Independent Dealers, but both of us are FRUSTRATED!!!! I don't think that any of us Independent's & I personally don't wish you or anyone participating in this program any ill-will!!!! I personally do hope that you get your money due to you & quickly!!!! I do not want to see any Dealerships close because they did not receive the money owed to them by the Government!!!!
I know that it is not just Independent's who are frustrated with not being able to participate in the program, ask any of the New Car Dealerships that received Termination Letters from Chrysler earlier this year or any GM Dealer with a non-renewable franchise who cannot order any new inventory to participate.
As you said, Auto Dealer People is supposed to be a forum for ALL of us to use to share our experiences GOOD & BAD!!!!
Keep making hay while you can make hay!!!!
Just sayin'
One thing I have learned in this business is that the "niches" change by the minute. There will be times when it it great to be an independent and times when it is great to have a new vehicle franchise. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

However, here is a program that is CLEARLY not being administered correctly. The dealers were told they would be reimbursed within 10 days of submission. We entered into this program based on this information. This is far from what is happening.

What amazes me is that the same reporters that called us 2--3 times a week when GM was going B/K, when the inventories are low due to C4C, when domestic stores were going out of business ... these SAME reporters have not reported anything about the failure of this program to pay the dealers. I actually picked up the phone and called these same guys back that we gave a ton of interviews to during these difficult times and told them we could really use their help if they would let it be known that the dealers are not receiving payments. I am amazed ... I have forwarded articles, etc.... and not ONE of them has reported on this story. It really makes you wonder that when the press is covering ANY story ... how much of the true facts do we get? How much of the truth is distorted?
Maybe the reporters you are calling are all working for newspapers that are owned by Democrat Party Members that do not like to report the failings of this new Democrat controlled Government????
Find a paper owned by a Republican Party Member in your area & see if something happens?
None of us car dealers (new or used) get any respect. Even with all the information available to the consumer to try & make it so we can't make a decent profit, we are still seen by most as deceiving, underhanded, lieing crooks.
The NADA should be telling everyone of their contacts in Washington that if the dealers do not get their money immediately, every new car dealer in the US will shut down for 3 days & direct all complaints to the President, all members of the Senate & the House!!!! I would bet that would shake up everyone in DC!!!!


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