What is the website you can go to and query bankruptcies in your area and pay a very small amount for each name?  I know there are many companies you can buy leads and programs from but we want to do our own in house marketing to these leads.

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Go to Pacer.gov and sign up for an account.

That's it.  Thanks Ben

 I know of a couple companies that compile this information and and can provide you with counts and pricing too if you are interested. I also have designed some marketing pieces in the past so if you think i can help in any way feel free to reach out to me in a private message.

Chris Bragg

Pacer is the company you are looking for to receive bankruptcy lists. The information is out dated since the government doesn’t update the information through out the bankruptcy process. If you would like some guidance on how to market to the bankruptcies before anyone else has a chance please contact me and I can help educate you on what is available.

Good luck!

Christine Follett

I buy Bankruptcies Case every week  National Level

 you get case no, chapter name 13, or 7 ,11 , full name of the person,address city state  zip ,filling date other filter as well.


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