We have been using Car Fax for years but are thinking of switching to Auto Check mainly because our lender uses Auto Check for frame damage. What are dealers paying for their monthly subscriptions on either?


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True. Experian is well known in the credit check industry. AutoCheck is not known by most consumers shopping online. The AutoCheck name does NOT resonate loud and clear. 

Chris, thanks for bringing up your points.  Its true, you are a dealer and the question was which one works best for you.  While its good to hear all the points and perspectives, in the end I want to know which works best for dealers and why.  It sounds like you used them both and know what your talking about.

Thanks, Tina. We buy 90% of our cars from Carmax Auxtions in Richmond, Virginia. They provide a free AutoCheck Report with every car. I always pull a Carfax Report. The Carfax Report has way more detailed information, and a lot more maintenance history than does AutoCheck. Believe when I say this, the only reason anyone would change to AutoCheck is "cost" or they are a wholsaler or BHPH. Certain customers may not care, but mine certainly do. AutoCheck is A LOT cheaper than Carfax. I WOULD LOVE TO SWITCH TO AUTOCHECK! Unfortunately, in this case, you do get what you pay for. 

Yes it does thats all ebay uses and i think they sell lots of cars

The comments you have received on this are all valid.  I worked for Experian between 2001 and 2006 and am very familiar with the CarFax - AutoCount discussion.  Yes, Experian is a very conservative company and is very careful about what kind of information they change on a report.  That can be frustrating to a dealer trying to get something off the report.  At the same time, both CarFax and AutoCheck have several sources to create their reports and they are not all the same, this is why there is some variance in the two.  I'm working with one of the companies who is using the National Vehicle Data Base as a core for their reports and this is coming in much less expensively than either of the two above mentioned companies.  The one reason I wouldn't recommend CarFax is that it is getting a bit too much of a consumer advocate with their 'recommended pricing' application that started to show up on their reports.  This has angered many dealers.

True, Carfax has angered a lot of non-participating dealers by putting a Carfax Icon next to every vehicle on AutoTrader.com and Cars.com., thus forcing dealers to become a Carfax Advantage Dealer. It costs me $779 per month to be a Carfax Advantage Dealer. However, it gives me a HUGE competitive advantage over dealers who don't show a free Carfax Vehicle History Report next to their cars listed on AutoTrader.com and Cars.com.

What's the point in complaining about it? It's well worth the investment! I deal with well-educated, savvy buyers.

If you're a BHPH dealer, you probably don't need Carfax. If you're an independent used car dealer (non-BHPH),

you will benefit from joining the Carfax bandwagon. I'm not happy about paying $779 per month to Carfax, but my customers sure are! Isn't that what really counts?

what really counts is that we have become dominated by autocheck carfax autotrader and cars.com.  Its my football my field and youre going to tell me what to do? Independents and franchise dealers need to pull together and just boycott everyone. This information should be as free to us as is the avg wholesale costs of cars are to the consumer. but we cant do that because of greed. All the aforementioned companies take our money and instruct the consumer on how to minimize our profit.... Its time to be sick now!

I feel you. I wish it were that easy. Dealers of the world unite against the evil forces that gouge us! That sounds overly optimistic. Furthermore, what does how "we dealers" feel about it change how the CONSUMER feels about it? They only care about seeing their free Carfax Report. We're the ones paying for it.


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