Took a call from a dealer this morning asking the following questions

Is anyone using Auction Genius? If you are can you please share your experience with us?

How do you use it? How effective is it for you? How is the cost compared to the benefit?

Thank you

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Auction Genius is a good tool if you purchase inventory from online auction platforms. In real time it provides on your desk top a lot of data relevant to the car on the block. Users can include benchmarks that they use in dealership like NADA's clean retail or Clean Trade number, so a user can determine how much a lender will advance. VHR's are included, and auction condition reports.

All the information is available but not on a single screen. It eliminates the need to toggle screens and not miss a vehicle on the block. I am not sure about pricing but I am sure it is affordable if you but online. I am not sure about mobile but if they have it, it could benefit a user in the lanes as well.

As Stu stated, if you're buying cars online, this is a must have tool.

It's affordable and the contract is month to month so there is no risk if you don't like it.

Mention Premier Performance Group when you contact the National Sales Manager, Joey Imparato.

As both of the gentlemen have stated it is a great tool to purchase online inventory. It provides must-have information to buy the correct inventory at the right price. I can also tell you that VAuto had about 50 of the top 100 dealer groups in the country using their tools. It's good stuff!

Ed Brooks works for VAuto - You can reach him ->

Sorry.. The Auction Genius specialist is 303-870-0672 He's a good guy!

It isn't too much extra above our vAuto charge...probably more as a stand-alone.  My brother uses it daily and appreciates having it while bidding.

Hi Harlene,

I have been buying vehicle from Manhaim all over  western states online. I use Manhaim power search, which brings up types of vehicle I am looking and eliminate some that I don't want. For example I am very specific with year, Make/Model, Mileage and even CR (condition Report). Then I run Carfax/Autocheck on a vehicle, if it looks good I book the vehicle, and I go down the list. I got a demo the other day and liked it, but didn't get it because I do all manuals and fast, I am used to it.

Auction Genius has carfax or autochack and KBB or BB all in one page, also gives you a list of similar vehicle on autotrader and for with retail price. It does it saves you lots of time.

I do all of this myself, night before auction. This is a great tool for a dealership that buy heavily online and don't have much time. You could always get a demo.


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