My Hyundai store was thinking about adding an appearance protection addendum to each vehicle with a company called Dealerschoice. This would include pin stripping, window/bug defectors, and mud guards. The dealers around us who are using this then mark it up substantially and try to sell, for example, Resist All/Simoniz, with it. The additional markup can help with the negotiation process as you have more room to work with (it’s essentially an addendum placed next to the window sticker). Anyone have any experience doing this?

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Been doing it for many many years selling it thru F & I-thru sales its usually given away and your gross will not change. Try it either way, monitor the results. It will require value selling and anyone who sells it MUST be able to sell benifits. The pin stripping is an entire different animal. Mark it up after application and let your desk mangers sell it as part of the cost..

We are not a dealer but a supplier to the car appearance industry and it is a shame how dealers are getting "ripped off" by the companies selling appearance protection chemicals.

You can purchase for yourself quality paint sealants for $27.00 a gallon (128 ounces) and anti-stain fabric protectants for $35 a gallon (128 ounces) instead of paying from $85 to $100 for 2 ounces of sealant and more for anti-stain treatment.

Print your own Warranty/Guarantee and give to customer.  There are so many loopholes in the protection company warranties they are not worth anything.

Plus, today's factory clear-coat paint finishes are almost impervious to damage and they are warranty from the factory for 8 to 10 years so what is the protection company warrantying?

And, with the money you now make you can well afford to pay an occasional warranty claim.

I would add on Paint Protection Film, this is a value to the customer to prevent rock chipping on the vehicle.


Bud Abraham

I am amazed dealers still try this scam...this is what makes us look bad to customers.

Here is the simple steps to make money.




We already force customers to buy options already on the car..when was the last time you actually ordered a custom HYUNDAI for a customer from the factory????

Time to put away the flashy yellow suit.....

Just for fun watch these.


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