Anyone use AFC Floor plan financing and increase your Limit?

I was just curious to the process to increase a floor plan limit with AFC?  Anyone have experience on the process and how often you can increase the line.  For example, do they run your credit again? or do they just automatically increase it?  

Also, how often can you get the increases?  I started with 25g and was just curious how long it takes to get it higher?

let me know, any info is greatly appreciated,

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I started with 25k I was raised to 50 after 3-4 months. I'm waiting for my second round of 3-4 months to be up so I can request another increase. Yes they look at credit score again and a number of other things I'm sure like average pay off date, if you have any curtailments. Amount on line every month etc

You should be able to get an increase quarterly as long as you are using most of your $25,000 limit. They will pull your credit again usually and I have gotten mine in just a few days. Best of luck!

I love AFC and have had no issues with them. Now DSC is another story. Many paper work issues that they created. Another flooring company that has great people is Vehicle Acceptance Corporation (VAC) . Main office in Texas with branches in other states.


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