We are independent dealer in Nashville Tennessee area, we have some cars on the lot with rebuilt titles but I currently signed up with United Auto Credit, unfortunately they don't finance rebuilt title. Any information will be very helpful.

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SAL, security auto loans do a search on google.  We are here in Indy and use Consumer Financial but they only do deals in Indiana.  Also check with your local credit unions they can do them to.



What is a link or contact for Consumer Financial? I would love to have a chat with them.



best thing to do stop in there location

Address: 8232 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Sam, We used to be one of the largest rebuilders on the East Coast of Florida; we held all of our own paper on these cars.  Having said that, we left salvage titles behind when the State of Florida made the inspection and documentation just too difficult to continue.  I don't know how to help you up in Tennessee, but one BIG problem we had was in our customers getting full coverage insurance.  In addition, the salvage auctions in Florida are putting the vast majority of the units on a CD (Certificate of Destruction)  the only thing we could rebuild were (RB) Rebuildable Titles.  If I were you, I would try to buy former damaged rental cars that were self insured by the rental companies.  In the vast majority of cases these cars have "clean" titles as the rental companies are self insured.  Good luck to you in your ventures.


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