Has anyone done anything new to bring customers into your stores? The direct mail is great but you cannot send them out often enough. Third party leads are good. But has anyone found any one event that really sold some cars for you?


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I provide a couple of programs that you may be interested in taking a look at. One of them targets freshly discharged/open BK's on a weekly basis and is getting over a 4% response rate on average. It takes a couple of weeks to get some momentum going but once it does it can give you a consistent traffic that gets a terrific ROI. Let me know if you would like more information.

Define what you mean by "not send out often enough".

Unless you are in an extremely rural area you can send direct mail out quiet often if you allow your vendor to develop a plan for you.

If you want send me a message or reply here and I will try to help.



We offer a great incentive gift card program that has face value at $100 and $250 and the dealer pays very little for these-we have a lot of great success stories and it works great with your newspaper ads or in direct mail. If you want to learn more give me a call. Jeff Dodson 616-575-0254

Gas Prices as super high. Offer an incentive to trade in there gas guzzlers.  Just a Idea.


Bob-I can provide you with a mailer that is very customer specific and up load all of the names to a crm that we provide so that you have a data base to mail as often as you want.Very effective and also cost efficient.Please give me a call at 810-938-7740.

                             Thanks-Jerry Weeden

what are you doing digitally? Are you running any PPC campaigns or doing aggressive SEO to boots your internet leads (much better than buying leads). 

How about a digital Platform that takes you beyond traditional SEO.  Here is the website if you would like more information.


If you think that direct mail is good you should take a look at our IMN-Loyalty Driver e-Newsletter program. It's a great way to stay in front of your customers, but it will also increase your web traffic by 200-300% the week that it is sent. With direct mail you pick a radius a credit score and hope for the best, but with this you can actually see everybody who opened it, who clicked into your new & pre-owned inventory, service, parts, etc. It is truely a remarkable product that every dealership should be utilizing these days and the best part is that we have direct relationships with most of the major O.E.M.'s so it's fully co-opable! If you're interested in some more information or if you would like a 20 min demo on how an e-Newsletter can bring customers to your dealership on a consistent basis just let me know. Thanks - Andy

http://imninc.com/imn_site/solution_ld_home.htm (our new website is being built as we speak so don't knock this one to bad please:)

Good morning Bob,

Check out www.OnlineBKmanager.com.  Our Average Dealerships GROSS between $180,000.00 and $400,000.00 in extra profit per year on this program with no ramp up time. We can get your phones ringing within 3 to 4 days of you signing on. I am the Customer Service Manager at www.OnlineBKmanager.com.  If you are interested or need more information just give me a call on my direct line at 800-942-3603. Have an awesome weekend. :)

Amy Pippin

Inbound Marketing Bob. 

Create your own lead flow by attracting them and your conversion percentages go through the roof.  Then plug them into a review and referrals system to create a snowball affect. 

There are still effective marketing methods most dealers are not using that will allow you to advertise and market to people that are hot leads to begin with because they "find you" or at least they fell like they did. 


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