3rd party batch advertising programs to send to other sites

it has been several years since we have shopped the market for a 3rd party advertising tool.  A program that batch sends inventory to cars.com and autotrader and has tools for ebay and craigslist.  We take our own pictures and have a seperate DMS to feed the program and sell out of. Something similar to AutoRevo or CarThink is what I'm thinking.  Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.  We are a single independant dealer with around 150 +/- cars in inventory.

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We use Homenet Auto.

We use Carsforsale.com for this. They do a great job on the data feeds and inventory. They pull our inventory to our website and we've also used them with Dealix. Best part? The feeds are free on the Carsforsale.com side.


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I was going to suggest HomeNet as well.  Their prices seem reasonable, and they have a decent customer service team if you need help with setup.
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We use three or four different companies that have this capability depending on what all options that you are looking to do.


HomeNetInc does not have a website option but can do this feed for you and they are no longer associated with Craigslist postings.


HomeNet use to subcontract out through CarGiGi, they are the #1 Craigslist posting tool.


Carsforsale.com is SUPER CHEAP! That is a good thing, BTW. They can provide a web option and do these feeds and I believe that they charge 99.00/month.


EbizAutos has probably the best website option for the bang for your buck on this and also can do the feeds for you with ebay & craigslist integration.


Dealer.com has the most intensive CRM backend tool along with all the previous options but it can get pricey (its who we use cause all the tools though). 


Hope this helps.

Carsforsale.com is a good company but the only fault is with their Craigslist postings is when you click on the link it takes you to your car on their own carsforsale.com site rather than your own inventory page. Their service is good but that reason we switched to Auto Search Technologies and they are search engine gurus which will help your site show up sooner on Google. They can do all the feeds to your autotraders and cars.com for around $100 per month.

We use Auto Search Tech for one of our sites but we have a local company advancedautodealers.com for our primary site who is a small one man operation but I can sit down with him anytime to make changes and share ideas. Whoever you go with do it soon since the internet is where the action is and customers depend on your site being accurate and updated. The best money I have spent is the $8 per hour for the local college kid keeping the inventory up to date on the sites. He loves doing it and all we do is double check his work to make sure it is accurate.

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We use carsforsale and ebizautos. both work great to send pics and data to most sites.


Craigslist is just harder to do...extra steps..but that is a craigslist thing.

we use autoclick - they are adept with both franchise and independents....
The cars.com and autotrader feed almost anybody can do it for you; if you are serious about ebay and craigslist I suggest you take a look at eCarlist http://www.ecarlist.com/. We also take our photos in house and i find their Inventory Manager to be one of the best... if not the best.

If you need a contact person at ecarlist call Drew @ 214.722.8204 or call me directly at 775.384.5216


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