Does anyone feel like 2010 is going to be much better than 2009? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this upcoming year. We just had an incredible week in some very, very cold temperatures. It just feels like things are better. Does anyone else feel that way?

Furthermore, if you are a GM Dealer, have you gone through their forecasting module? What are your thoughts? I think it is the best module they have had since we have been in business.

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I want to be hopeful. I am afraid the next 60 days will tell and they could be really bad. We might sell some cars (BHPH, tax season). If Congress passes the bills and Obama keeps signing these "executive orders" making changes without Congress, the uncertainty remains that has kept the economy down. The new taxes proposed, and already passed in some cases, are also going to cut into profits for everybody. Inflation of some kind is on the horizon and that could kill any upswing. I believe that because there hasn't been any activity in Congress for several days and the folks are just dying to get out and enjoy some shopping. We are having a spike. I hope it is not a "dead cat bounce".
We had a very good year last year with our Buy Here Pay Here operation , and to be honest I expect 2010 to be even better. The 1st qtr (jan-feb-mar) is always very good for us.

This may sound a little hokey, but, I only try to worry about the things I can't change. So, as far as the economy, I can't change that. So, I try not to worry about it too much. I can however, make changes to my business that will have a positive impact on my results, in light of the economic situation. We've done that the last 5 years especially, and have done well every year.

We've changed (and continually review) our business model, training, deal structure, web merchandising and number of employees pretty dramatically. These changes will continue, and I hope will add more to my bottom line. If I did not do these things, I'd be in the dumper like some people in my local market are.

Review, change in a positive way, review and change again if necessary. The important word there is...change. Every negative and evolving situation we encounter is an opportunity for the person or company, to take advantage of, and capitalize on. Where is your opportunity?

Charley Pompey, for free BHPH web site info
As a vendor who's clients are Dealers we are off to a WAY better start this year,we have scheduled 50% of what we did all Jan 09 4 days into the month!One of my sons sells cars at a store in Richmond,he had a "hat trick" Sat.Most every dealer we speak to has said the very same thing...........things "Feel" better!
Its going to be a good year there is alot of pent up demand for sales even here in the south were we really got clobbered things are easing slightly
2010 has to be better, it couldn't be worse!
I know 2010 will be better then last year and I am excited about it. I sell Chevys. GM now has some cash on hand and has a great line up of cars on the way. I see some people like to drag politics into this simple question but the answer is yes 2010 will be better because I will work harder then I did a year ago. Lets meet here at the end of quarter 1 to compare notes!
Let's compare notes for January -- I think it's going to be great ... barring a blizzard!! Maybe we should setup a separate discussion to talk about goals for new & used and gross per unit and give updates at halfway and at end. What do you think?
I am in! I always look for motivation. I am looking to improve my back end too. I look forward to someday visiting your dealership. If I am ever in Indiana.
Alright, do you want to do a separate post so we might get some more people or just throw it on here?
Go ahead and start a new one.
Hasn't anyone noticed that oil is past $80.00 a barrel , GMAC has had to borrow more money to stay afloat, unemployment is still above 10% and the congress is about to pass a health care bill that equals 1/6th of our gross national income and will put a tremendous burden on small buinsess owners??

Wake up guys -2010 will be a fight to the finish!! You just need to win as many rounds as you can.DO NOT ABANDON YOUR COST CUTTINGS MEASURES FROM 2008-2009.
4 days ago I posted here that we weere at 50% of what we did all last January,4 days later we have surpassed that!!!! We did 49 Recruiting/Training Campaigns Jan 09 we have completed or have scheduled 56 already by the 8th.If Dealers aren't selling vehicles they have zero need for our services,pretty good guage.


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